Marketing Tips for the New Year



Many businesses rely on the same marketing strategies year after year, and though those strategies may have worked, being fearful of new ideas can cause your brand to stagnate and create opportunities for competitors to steal market share.  That’s why you should always be looking for new ways to reach your customers, for new types of customers, and new strategies for long-term business profitability.  If you want to make a splash, try some of the following marketing tips for the New Year.

Try something new

Make a commitment to try new marketing strategies this year. This isn’t to say you should abandon what has been working for you or that you should blow up your marketing budget; however, make a dedicated decision to put effort into learning and implementing at least one new marketing tool or strategy you’ve never tried

Look for new types of customers

You probably have a good idea of what your customers want, but you might still be missing out on potentially lucrative niches for your products if you haven’t considered how others might use them.  For example, the iPad’s target customer base might be professional 30-40 year olds, but that didn’t stop Apple from marketing it to schools as a learning tool.

Take advantage of social media

While 2014 was an impressive year for social media and its power to influence consumer purchasing, the New Year brings new challenges, and strategies must be adjusted. These social channels have the potential to drive sales and promote brand loyalty, however, with all of the hype that digital marketing received last year, it’s no doubt that the marketing industry has become oversaturated with brands attempting to win over consumers through social media campaigns. With tough competition, your 2015 campaigns should be focusing on personalization and quality, rather than quantity.

  • Personalize messaging and change targeting for promoted posts. Make each promoted post speak personally to the target audience. Use language that specifically relates to that demographic. Consumers enjoy feeling like the brand understands them. By using personalized language, and tweaking copy, brands can show that they are in touch with their audience.
  • Promote real brand stories. Show your customers that you aren’t a brand that’s solely focused on making money. Share stories about how your employees spent that one Saturday helping out at the food kitchen, or how your company is working to reduce carbon emissions in the environment by going green. Consumers value brands that are more than just a company. Promoting these real stories will increase customer loyalty.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity. Posting every day is not necessarily the key to success. Marketers should focus on creating quality posts with custom graphics made in-house, rather than overloading fans with stock photos. If you want to insert your brand into the conversation containing a stock image, make sure you change the text to make more sense for your brand.
  • Revamp your brand presence on the most popular platforms. Move beyond just Facebook and Twitter and take advantage of the different platform features.  For example, send your YouTube subscribers messages with channel bulletins or export your LinkedIn connections to your email marketing software.

Live in your customers’ worlds

Attend the events that your customers attend, mingle with them and get to know them.  Learn more about what drives your customers.  Doing so will lend insight into how you can better serve them, spur product ideas and establish a loyal customer base.

Test, track, and tweak

Test your marketing campaigns on small segments to determine which will perform better.  Track campaign performance – overall return on investment – and make tweaks until they outperform your norm.  Doing so will allow you to make smarter decisions for future campaigns with less risk.

Outsource and have fun

You can’t do it all, but when you outsource to qualified providers you can accomplish more and make more money in less time.  Don’t be afraid to brainstorm or to try something no one else has ever done before.  Outside, qualified providers (like Porter Creative) can show you marketing options and hone in on the ones that make the most sense for your company, brand and products. Give us a call today to be your marketing partner in 2015.